Motor/Electromotor Test Equipment
BKF-II Motor/Electromotor No Load & Load Tester
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     The system is designed for testing no-load & load loss of Dynamotor/Electromotor. High Precision Resistor is used for voltage & current sampling. Data is acquired and processed with embedded MCU and high Precision A/D converter. Through the English menu, the tester can be operated easily. The tested data can be printed out through micro printer. The tester has RS-232 interface, so user can manipulate the test process through the soft in PC. The soft can manage the test result, the tested records can be displayed, stored, statistic, analyzed and printed. The interface of the soft is friendly and the function is powerful.

Test item

No-load loss& load lose of Dynamotor/Electromotor (two wattmeter , or three wattmeter)

Power factor

Average voltage, (virtual value) RMS voltage

Average current, (virtual value) RMS current

No-load Current, no-load Lose after Waveform correction.

Load Impedance Voltage, Impedance Voltage

The frequency of power source.

Main technical parameter

Current test Range: 0.1 --- 150A with 0.2% accuracy

Voltage test Range: 10 --- 1500V with 0.2% accuracy

Power test Precision: with 0.3% accuracy

Frequency test Range: 45Hz --- 65Hz

Note: Auxiliary potential transformer and current Dynamotor/Electromotor can be used for extending tester's measurement range.

Function and Feature

The distribution Dynamotor/Electromotor under 1000KVA can be tested at full Current.

The distribution Dynamotor/Electromotor under 2500KVA can be tested at 1/3 rate Current.

240*128 LCD, English menu, tested result and historical record can be printed.

20 groups of parameter can be preset by user. The parameter can be modified, deleted and added at any time necessarily. It's easy to operate

20 groups test result can be saved.

Adopts strict checking mechanism to check the saved parameter and testing result. It guarantees correctness and reliability of parameter and testing result.

The tester is based on high-performance micro processor. Fast sampling, excellent stability of data.

The measurement range can be extended by external PT(potential transformer) and CT(current transformer).

Small in size, light in weight, the tester is portable.

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