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CCSBT_IV Transformer Test system
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The system is designed for testing single and three phase, pad or pole mounted distribution transformer and power transformer up to and including 110 kV class with maximum impedance of 10%.  This system will perform tests in accordance with IEC60076, IEEE C57, GB1094 serial latest edition standards. We have the capability to offer a custom built system to each client. Our design engineers will work with you to develop a test system exactly suited to your requirements.

     The CC Star Research & Development department has developed transformer test systems that offer the customer reliability and flexibility. By utilizing Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) in the control system, the CCSBT-IV serial TTS allows the customer the ability to add optional features or change the test sets operating procedures by reprogramming the PLC. This is much more cost effective than rewiring the test set as was required in traditional test systems. Reliability is a top priority for CC Star. Craftsmanship and the use of top quality materials and components insure the customer years of reliable service from their CCSBT-IV transformer test system.


     All CCSBT-IV test systems are designed to perform transformer tests in accordance with ANSI C57 and IEC 76standards, latest edition. These tests include:

Excitation Current Measurement

Excitation Loss (No-load or core loss)

Impedance Voltage Measurement

Full Load Current Measurement

Copper Loss (Load loss)

Temperature rise measurement

Applied High Potential Test (with HI-POT addition)

Induced Potential Test (with M/G set addition)

Ratio & Phase relation test (with TTR meter addition)

Winding DC resistance test (with DC RES. Meter addition)

Isolating resistance test ( optional)


Main Power:  3 Phases, 3 wire - 4 wire, 0-600V AC, 50Hz/60Hz, 0-600A  AC

Control Power:  1 Phase, 220V AC, 50 Hz, 16A AC

Main component:

Control desk

Regulator for losses test

Regulator Cabinet for losses test

Motor generator set for induced over voltage test

Motor Control Cabinet

Auxiliary transformer

Control Cabinet for auxiliary transformer

HI-POT for applied high potential test

BKF-II Transformer no load & load tester.

BBC-II transformer Ratio & Phase relation tester(Mounted the control cabinet)

BZC-10A Winding DC resistance tester(Mounted on the control cabinet)

WP8016 16 channels temperature inspector(Mounted on the control cabinet)

WK- 5A off line Tap changer controller(Mounted on the control cabinet)

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