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BBC-II Transformer Ratio & Phase relation Meter
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Function and Feature

Automatic Transformer Ratio & Phase relation tester , CCSBZ-II is based on microprocessor designed to   measure the ratio  of single-phase   transformer tri-phase transformer  tri-phase transformer with on-load tap-changer potential transformer and so on .   It automatically measure windings polarity and phase angle. CCSBZ-II can detect and measure ratios of any transformer type, also including interconnected star connection. CCSBZ-II generates its own 3-phase transformer test  voltages  from the  single-phase AC power input . Tri-phase test voltages allow to test any tri-phase PT as well as power transformer,   while the magnetic circuit is same as it works, thus the measure results are precise.   By connecting the A/B/C terminals of primary side and a/b/c terminals of secondary side of the  transformer tested, inputs for operation control are entered via six keys(no include the RESET key).

     Precision measure , good stability, good repetition.

     Single-phase power input, 3-phase test voltages output, does not require any other power source;

     Optional connections, measure and calculate, displays messages and test results on the built-in LCD screen, ratio, ratio error, phase angle are displayed.

     Built-in 240x128 graphic LCD, Operator control inputs are entered via 6-key keypad, real time is displayed, built-in micro-printer.

     Fully protected against any wrong connections , convenient and safe.

     Built-in micro-printer, print measure messages and results at any time.

     Small cubage , light weight , metal box , convenience .

Technical specifications

Range:     Ratio: 1.0000~9999.9 

Angle:                 1~12

Accuracy:       1.0000~5000.0        0.2%

Excitation voltage:      AC 200V

Excitation current:      AC 0.25A (MAX)

Power supply:        AC 220V +15%, 50Hz   AC 110V  +10%, 60Hz

Environmental Operating Range:  

Temperature:  -10~50 , Relative Humidity : <90%

Dimensions:    420 mm ´180 mm ´ 320 mm
Weight:    7kg 

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