Current Transformer / Potential Transformer Test Equipment
CCSFA-II Current Transformer Volt-Ampere Feature Automatic Tester
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Product features

     Full-automatic testing meter.  You just need a digital set. Setting the test of maximum out put voltage current and step size. The output voltage could be raised from zero to setting voltage step-by-step automatically. The test data is recorded automatically, volt-ampere characteristics is depicted automatically .The test process is instant precise, simple, convenient.

High output capacity.  In volt-ampere characteristics Measurement, Maximum output: 1000V, 20A. Maximum Current is to 600A in Ratio test.

Equipped Graphical LCD screen, English menu. The volt-ampere characteristics data and curve is displayed directly during the test process. A micro printer is mounted on front panel, the data and curve can be printed at once.

There is not any key, button. Equipped with an optical mouse, i's convenient and effective.

High precision test In. the output range of measurement, the accuracy is below 0.5% output range of measurement , the accuracy is below 0.5% for voltage and current.

Powerful Function. 10% Error burden-curve, volt-ampere characteristics and ratio polarity can be measured. CCSFA-II can be easily connect to PC, the tested data can be send to PC and saved in PC, CCSFA-II also can be controlled by the PC software.

Optional external step-up transformer , external current generator. Output voltage of the external step-up transformer can be as high as up to 2000V, the capacity of the external step up transformer is 2000V/2A.

High-capacity Storage. 45 groups tested data can be saved in CCSFA-II, the data is battery backup. Data won' t be lost when Power is off. You can print the saved data or send the tested data to PC for more analyzing.

Duplex operation. The RS232 or U tray Communication Interface can be connected with PC. The data could be saved, displayed, edited and printed.

Weight: 26Kg  

Size:  Length 40cm width 30cm height 34cm. The tester is portable and  convenient

Technical Data 


input  voltage

output voltage

output current

Test  accuracy



0 --- 550V

0 --- 20A




0 --- 950V

0 --- 20A


External rise transform



0 --- 1650V

0--- 2000V

0 ---3 A

0 --- 3A


External step-up transform


0 --- 1000V

0 ---30A


provide for oneself rise transform



0 --- 600A


Test  accuracy  1%

Power supply

AC220V+10% , 50/60Hz

work condition temperature

- 5  - +50

Power source for test

AC220V or , AC 380V

Tester mainframe cubage

300 *  300 * 400 cube mm

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